Gundimane - Homestay Near Jog Falls

The Linganamakki Dam was constructed across the River Sharavathi in 1964 by the Government of Karnataka. This dam is situated near Kargal village and is at a distance of around 14 kms from GundiMane HomeStay. This reservoir is around 2.74 kilometres long and is 1,819 feet above sea level.

This dam was constructed to generate electricity. The Sharavathi River water is stored in three major reservoirs, viz. Linganamakki, Talakalale and Gerusoppa. Around 327 square kms of land was submerged due to the construction of Linganamakki reservoir which includes 99 villages in Sagar and 76 villages in Hosanagar taluks of Shimoga district. Approximately 12000 people were displaced due to this. This includes a lot of our relatives and one hears innumerable tales of suffering which they endured during those days. On the flipside, the submerged areas have resulted in vast expanses of backwater which have turned into a great source of biodiversity. Water levels recede during Summer opening up an area which is rich in all kinds of relics indicating it was inhabited by humans not long ago. The Sharavathi backwater areas are right next to GundiMane (approximately 2 kms) and can be explored by walk with the help of an experienced guide.

Please ensure you take permission from somebody in KPTCL if you want to visit the dam and the power station. Entry is restricted to all dams and power stations all over the country due to security threats. If you are looking for a homestay near Linganamakki, GundiMane fits the bill perfectly since it’s very near.