Gundimane - Homestay Near Jog Falls

Gersoppa village is around 50 kms from GundiMane. It lies on the banks of the Sharavati River, 29 kms from Honnavar in Uttara Kannada District. It was ruled by the Saluvas between 13th and 17th century. The village is renowned for the 14th century Chaturmukha Basadi (a Jain shrine), which has four identical doors in four directions.

The old town of Gersoppa, also called Nagara Bastikeri, is rich with historical monuments the Chaturmukha basti being the most prominent one. It is a beautiful structure built in Vijayanagar style with Chaturasara plan. It has four entrances from four directions leading to garbhagrihas. There are four images of Tirthankaras, Vrishabha, Ajita, SambhavaOne of this has been of late damaged. The engravings in this basti of dwarapalas and other mural designs are well executed with refinement.

Gersoppa dam project was completed in the year 2002 with the main purpose of generation of electricity (4 units totaling to 240 MW). It has a height of 56 metres and a length of 545 metres. The breathtaking view of the valley can be had from atop a observation tower constructed by Forest dept, about 10 kms from Gerusoppa towards Jogfalls. Boat cruise in the reservoir through the valley is on the anvil.