Gundimane - Homestay Near Jog Falls

Chandragutti, a religious center near Siddapur, is at a distance of around 54 kms from GundiMane. The temple of Renukadevi (wife of Jamadagni and mother of Parushurama) is prominent here which is attracting pilgrims from all parts of Karnataka.

At the entrance there is a small pond which is known as “Tottila baavi” and also there is small rock on which foot prints of main deity is carved. On to the right hand side there is a small temple of “Kalabairaveshwara”. In this temple lord is in both human and in “lingam” form. Few steps from this temple towards hill top will lead to Renukamba Temple. Renukamba temple will be open through out the day only on Tuesdays and Fridays. Rest of the week, the temple is open only for few hours in morning. The main deity is inside a cave with golden coverings or golden statue.

Along with this goddess there are 2 more temples, one of sacred seven headed “Nagaraja” (snake god) and “Parusharam” right in front of the Goddess Renukamba and the other one is of “Shoolada Beerappa”. There is a stair way which goes down hill. There you can find temple of Shoolada Beerappa. Shoolada Beerappa has hundreds of tridents (trishula in Kannada) emerged from earth. Behind this is a small pond known as “Ammanavara Honda”. Water for this pond comes from a bigger pond from top of the hill known as “tavarakere” (tavare means lotus in Kannada). The same water continues further ahead and reaches Tottila baavi.

Chandragutti and Gudavi Bird Sanctuary are separated by around 11 kms and both can be visited together. Travelling from GundiMane, Chandragutti comes first followed by Gudavi.