Kanoor Kote

Kanoor Kote a secluded fort atop a mighty peak in the dense jungles of Western Ghats. All that remains of the fort are it’s dilapidated traces, but the lush green forests with the steep slopes surrounding the fort gives it the aura of mystery and a sinister charm. Though the fort has lost all it’s grandeur and is left in neglect for the most part, it provides a perfect spot to prolong on a trek, trying to get away from the noise and crowds of civilization. The lush green forests, the moss covered walls of the fort, blue skies as far as the eyes can see, Mister Mist cliffs till late mornings, and silence so inhaled that you can hear your own breath, surely invites any heart wanting to loose itself in the lap of nature. During this trail you will walk along the vast paddy fields, crossing many hills whose peak offeres breath-taking view of valleys and the wild life that can uncertainly present with boars, deers, snakes, vipers, porcupines, bisons. Thus a beauty and the attraction of this fort forgotten by both man and time.

The Kanoor Fort was constructed during the reign of Kari Maneesena Rani Abbaka devi. History says that during its peak time, this fort was ruled by Queen Chennabhairadevi. She was more popularly known as “Pepper Queen” as she was exporting pepper to Europe. Keladi Nayaks who were in constant war with her kingdom were finally able to capture her. Later, she died in the prison sometime during 1606 AD. The fort was left deserted and forest took over.

Lingam, kamadenu, karudan, Hanuman, snake swallowing moon are some of the stone carving still seen on the outer wall. There is a underground passage to come out of the Fort. This was used during emergency.

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