Room Rate (Per Room) Charges
Double Occupancy Rs. 1900/- per day
Single Occupancy Rs. 1400/- per day
For Extra Person Rs. 400/- per day

Free stay for children upto 5 years.

Check in   : 10AM
Check out : 9AM

Vegetarian Breakfast: Rs.90/- per person
Vegetarian lunch / dinner: Rs.130/- per person


Check the availability by calling the reservation numbers (9900956760, 9980100975, 9980100576).

Send an email to gundimane@gmail.com with your intended date of reservation along with your mobile number. One of us will reply with the bank account details and other necessary details regarding your stay.

Deposit 100% of the accommodation amount into our account and send us the screenshot of the transfer done. One of us would confirm the receipt and confirm your reservation immediately via email.


If booking is canceled more than 10 days before the day of journey, 50% of the amount is refunded. If it is canceled between 5 to 10 days, 25% of the amount is refunded. No amount is refunded if the booking is canceled 5 days before the day of journey.

You can also find some products like Honey, Black Pepper, Cashew nut, Areca nut, Jaggery, Cocum etc in the HomeStay at reasonable prices. Most of these are home-grown. Please note that the availability of these items is season and stock dependent. Please enquire about these products at the HomeStay itself.

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