Dabbe Falls

Sharavati Valley of Western Ghats in Shimoga district, is a heaven for nature lovers for many obvious reasons; mountains of western ghats lie vast as far as eyes can see, prestine forests which cuts the horizon blending the green with blues, which can hardly be seen in very few nature trails. Here dwells the veil of Sharavthi’s saree amidst dense jungle “Dabbe Falls“. One of the waterfalls of Karnataka which has been virgin scape from tourists and hence preserves it’s heavenly touch. Where the water plunges into narrow gorge, to witness this one need to negotiate steep descent, checks all your grandeur of climb and roping down. It is worth all the risk once you witness the serenity of this waterfall.

Dabbe Falls is a waterfall near Hosagadde in Shimoga. Hosagadde, 20 km from Kargal, is on the way to Bhatkal from Sagar via Talaguppa and Kargal, which is famous for the Jog falls.

Click here for some of the photos of Dabbe falls.